Suicide Averted
FirstTwo Customer Testimonial

A few weeks back a teenage girl called to report that her teenage boyfriend was threatening suicide. She gave us his name and described where he lived, but she didn't know the address, not even the street name. Since he was so young, and did not have a driver's license, we could not search for his address using a DL search like normal. He was also not in our local record database.

Using FirstTwo, I did a search using just his last name and the town that he lived in and came up with what turned out to be his parent's address. We sent our deputies to that address and when no one answered the door, the deputies entered and located him in his bedroom. As it turns out, he was seriously considering suicide and he was placed on a hold and taken to the hospital.

It is possible we would have found his address through some other means, but FirstTwo made it so fast and easy that we had the correct address before the deputies even arrived in the area. Great product!

I really value your product. It has helped me do all kinds of cool things at work. I use it almost every day.

- Deputy Sheriff