Possible Homicide
FirstTwo Customer Testimonial

We responded to a possible homicide/suicide between neighbors where neither the victim nor suspect would answer their door or phones. We were able to use in-house and local databases to get intel on the suspect, however we had limited information on the victim.

I used the FirstTwo app by inputting the victim’s address and was able to obtain victim’s wife’s name and phone number. We were able to contact the victim’s wife to gather intel as to who was in the home and if there were any weapons. We were told that she and their 2 children were out of town and that the victim did have weapons that were in a safe.

Upon receiving this information and knowing that the victim may be inside either deceased or suffering from life threatening injuries, officers decided to make entry; officers found the victim, who was beaten with a baseball bat, suffering with severe injuries to head and legs. He was later admitted into ICU for a few days, however he survived the attack. The suspect was not home, however he turned himself into police 2 weeks later.

Captain - Incident Response