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Cloud-native solution that runs on any device
Over 2,300 agencies have onboarded FirstTwo across the US

“As a tactical tool to identify phones and people associated with locations in a geospatial platform, it is the easiest to use tool I've seen to date.”
- Mike Sena Executive Director NCRIC/NC HIDTA


In an era of rapidly expanding information, leveraging intelligence from both inside and outside the agency is crucial for public safety professionals. Current tools are text-based, delayed, desk-bound, and accessible only to a select few.

Imagine a world where every officer can access and visualize real-time information on a map from any device.

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  • Valuable to All Departments
    Patrol, Investigations, Dispatch, RTC, Tactical, Fire
  • Realtime GPS-Based Mapping
  • Integrates with FlockOS, Axon/Fusus, CAD, DFR, 911, SSO
  • Works on All Devices -> Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
  • Add Agency Specific Map Layers
  • No Setup Required and Works Day One for Any US Agency
  • Proudly GSA and CMAS certified
  • See Transparent and Competetive Pricing
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“Our large event is in full swing here with 30,000 people a game.FirstTwo leads officers to find the missing parents of two found kids within a minute of the kids approaching officers for help."
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Agency Specific Layers

Our platform can be extended to include customer-provided data... Imagine the possibilities.

Example Layers

Data An Agency Might Add:
  • Critical Incident & Active Perimeters
  • Offenders, Parole, Probation
  • Schools, Hospitals, Malls with Pre-Plans
  • Apartment Complexes, Businesses, Commercial Buildings
  • Neighborhood Safety & Cameras
  • Gangs Territories, Beats, Jurisdictional Boundaries
  • Evacuations, Fire Areas, Flood Zones
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Layers are private but can be shared with mutual agencies. All layer development and support are included with your license.


Our Mission

Public Safety / Officer Safety

The FirstTwo application saves lives.
It provides real-time visual access to intelligence, leading to better decision-making before, during, and after an event.


To address staffing shortages, police departments are leveraging technology to enhance efficiency. Tasks that once required hours can now be completed in minutes, and activities previously confined to the office can now be performed in the field.


The most appropriate response must be built from small amounts of information from various sources. FirstTwo uncovers, highlights and delivers facts right when responders need it most.


Over 2,300 agencies onboarded across all 50 states. Our customers include agencies ranging from 5 officers to over 7,500.


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